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About Garden Cafe

The Garden-Cafe is, where we bring together YOUR love of bonsai and OUR passion for this art. 

        An Alberta-based business managed by a group of bonsai enthusiasts. Having travelled and lived around the world we have built up a strong connection and large network of fellow enthusiasts, breeders, suppliers and industry specialists from around the world. Building up on these relations, we bring to your doorstep; both locally made products, as well as high quality items sourced from around the world.

            In our quest for that unique pot to compliment the bonsai, we have had numerous interesting conversations with many great Canadian artisans. The handmade pot section is a result of these interactions and a compliment to these local Canadian artists.  

      Come on in and browse through “Garden-Cafe”. Every item in this store has been individually chosen by us for its quality, beauty and uniqueness to compliment and meet your bonsai needs.

The seed behind "The Garden Cafe"

"Passion is the biggest determinant of a grower's success"

Bonsai was a passion, which was sparked at a very young age of 12, when I used to go out with my uncle to collect specimens. The beauty of the trees sitting in their pots, small yet majestic grew over me through the years and completely engulfed me in their magnificence. Having lived in different continents and countries, I have owned numerous bonsais over the years and always have had this unsatisfied hunger for more. 

I am a Botanist and a certified Horticulturist. I have been living my dream with plants for the last 25 years. Having now settled down in Alberta, the love affair with the “tree in the pot” continues.....

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